What can we offer you?


Powerful Quantity Surveyor’s Online Construction Estimating Platform

  • Easy to use web based application
  • Used exclusively by, and developed for, QS Online Cost Consultants
  • This is not a toy, we offer an industry level professional estimating tool
  • Password protected, secure, private Web- Based Estimating program
  • Flexible and adaptable to metric or imperial use, with any currency
  • All tools needed to create accurate estimates and assembly costs
  • 100% do it yourself customization of your platform content
  • Elemental estimating template with your personal and QS sample database
  • Estimate report summary page and all details to PDF, Excel
  • Create assemblies one time, as required, determine accurate unit rates
  • Super easy and quick up dates of all assemblies, with single entries
  • Fully customizable database linked to all assemblies created
  • Database available in Masterformat and Elemental breakdown
  • Separate databases for material, labour, and equipment
  • Copy and paste abilities speed up estimating tasks
  • Use of formulas to automate repeating quantity calculations
  • Use of formulas in assemblies provides flexibility for “What If” scenarios
  • On going samples and information provided by QS Online Cost Consultants


Who Can Benefit Working With The QS Online Estimating Platform

  • Anyone who is in the construction industry
  • Any cost consultant or professional estimator
  • Any Architectural or Engineering Firm
  • Developers, general contractors, and all sub-trades
  • Project managers
  • Home Owners
  • Any construction equipment operators or sales representatives
  • Students
  • Any supplier providing assembly costs quotes or budgets to clients
  • See Website slides and drill down for more info


If You Are Looking For

  • A professional level estimating program that is easy to use
  • An ability to create customized estimates to suit your needs exactly
  • An easy way to update large inventories of assemblies of construction tasks
  • To easily update and track historical pricing for material, labour and equipment
  • A fully linked assembly database supported by material, labour, & equipment
  • An ability and tools to produce professional level estimating results


Then You Simply Don’t Have To Look Any Further because

  • For less than the price of a hammer and a bag of nails
  • You can have full access for a year
  • To the most powerful and unique web based estimating platform in the world
  • We are very proud to be able to offer you an invite to join us
  • We look forward to your estimating success, for many years to come
  • Thank you for your consideration